This is the index page to Media-Zilla. You won't find a link or anthing like that here because Media-Zilla is an invisible website. An invisble website is a site that visitors don't access directly. it is used for storage. In this case media which means videos and audio media. Now, this was to be called originally "Media Pig Enterprises". However I think that anything with "zilla" attached to the end gets the idea of "huge" across better.

It is where I store a growning amount of media. This is becuase the main site is getting too large and becoming unwieldy. Part of this is that I was using a lot of YouTube. YouTube vids dissapear after awhile (I lost a Space Patrol ep and a classic 3 Stooges cut "The Maha") so now I grab them and when the page at YouTube goes away, I've got them safe and sound in my greedy little paws and can still run them and you can see them. if you own a site that features this kind of video and were the one to put it on YouTube. You're still ahead. I link to you and if it's what people want, they go there. There's no pub like free pub from someone who's interested and competent and if it's good it sells. So everybody wins.